Does my chatbot need a personality?

Admit it - you cried during WALL-E. There’s no shame in it. Who would have thought that a robot could give you the case of the feels? WALL-E created a connection with us. How was he able to do this? By having a personality. It’s the same for your chatbot. Giving your bot a personality is more than science fiction

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Does my website need a chatbot?

No one likes answering the same question over and over again. And not everyone can afford to hire new chat support agents as their business grows. But you know who loves answering questions, and doesn’t need money to pay their bills? A chatbot. Chatbots are the next big thing of 2021 – in fact, AI programmed bots handled 85% of

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Chatbots & Wine Industry: Why use this tool for your business [2020]

The marriage between online and wine is a harmonious one, consumers have the ability to shop around at their own leisure and order what they desire. However, even the experienced wine connoisseur can come unstuck with what drop to try next. Individuals working the socials within a winery aren’t available 24/7, so what if there was a way to communicate

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Four reasons why your Chatbot doesn’t attract clients and how to fix that.

1 You don’t have a detailed strategy. Chatbots like any other digital marketing tool need their own strategy or it will make customers leave. There are two things that your Chatbot will do it will make people attracted to your offer or make them leave. The first step in creating the right strategy for your chatbot is to understand

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