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No one likes answering the same question over and over again. And not everyone can afford to hire new chat support agents as their business grows. But you know who loves answering questions, and doesn’t need money to pay their bills? A chatbot.

Chatbots are the next big thing of 2021 – in fact, AI programmed bots handled 85% of all customer service enquiries in 2020. Pretty impressive for a simple computer program, huh?

So what do you need to know? Where do you start? What benefits does it bring to your business? Read on to discover the answer to your burning question, ‘does my website need a chatbot?’


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated messaging system or computer program that interacts with your visitors on your behalf. The chatbot is programmed to follow a set of rules which can be set by you, or by artificial intelligence (AI). They are then integrated into the back end of your website and pop up on your user’s screen when they arrive at your website. Pretty high tech, right?

And just because AI has created it, doesn’t mean your chatbot has to sound like a robot. Chatbots can be programmed to mimic human behaviour and speak to your visitor in a friendly and conversational way.

Think of chatbots as your very own happy website assistant – who never calls in sick, or steals your lunch from the office fridge. Win-win!

The types of chatbots

There are two types of chatbots – simple and advanced.

Simple chatbot

Simple chatbots respond to pre-written keywords or commands programmed by a developer. And as the title suggests, they’re pretty simple.

And if your basic little chatbot doesn’t understand what your visitor is asking, they will re-direct them to one of your real-life, human assistants. So your customers always get their burning questions answered.

Advanced chatbot

Unlike simple bots, an advanced chatbot uses AI to interact with your visitors. This allows your bot to understand basic language and respond with multiple suggestions. You don’t even need to program any key phrases or words. Impressed much?

The aim is to create a natural flow of conversation. That way, your visitor will feel like they’re speaking to a real human.

What about virtual assistants?

Already we can hear the cries, ‘but can’t a virtual assistant do that?’ Well, yes and no.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a real person – yes, an actual human – who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to their clients from a remote location. That’s right – a VA is your own person that assists you with your work, even if they live on the other side of the world (usually).

So what’s the difference between a VA and chatbots? In a nutshell – chatbots are a simpler version of a VA.

Chatbots can answer easy FAQ enquiries, while VAs can handle more complex interactions. And while chatbots don’t understand the complexity of human language, like changes in tone, a VA certainly can.

However, VAs are not as cost-effective as chatbots and not always available. A chatbot will always be there to answer any of your visitors’ questions, day or night. Your poor VA needs to sleep sometimes.

Should I get a chatbot?

So glad you asked! Chatbots are kinda our thing.

You might have a flurry of questions when it comes to chatbots – what if my company is small? Are they still useful? Do they add value?

The answer: Yes, absolutely.

Chatbots improve user experience

Your website has a lot of information. Like, a lot. But your average visitor doesn’t want to go trolling through your site to find what they want – who has time for that?

You know what your visitors want? Someone they can instantly ask. Someone who’s available and has the answer right now.

Sounds like a job for – you guessed it, a chatbot. Chatbots’ sole function is to provide customers with the information they’re looking for, 24/7. And your visitors will be happy to have their answer straight away, without any fuss. Everybody wins!

Chatbots don’t have baggage or take time off

We’ve all been there – a sales assistant who’s clearly having a horrible day. Or an inexperienced teenager making a mistake on your order. To err is to be human, right?

Guess who doesn’t have the same emotional hang-ups that us mere humans have? That’s right – a chatbot.

Chatbots aren’t scared to talk to frustrated customers. Nor will they speak to your clients rudely. In fact, bots treat everyone equally with undivided attention and respect. And if your chatbot isn’t able to appease that angry customer, it will redirect them to another one of your real human agents. How’s that for amazing customer service?

Visitors love chatbots because they’re always there when they need them, no matter what. They never take time off. They don’t need lunch breaks or sleep. You never hear of a chatbot quitting their job to follow their dream of being a Hollywood actor. That’s because it never happens.

This is a huge advantage for small businesses that don’t have the manpower to take live calls at all hours of the day. With a chatbot always on call and ready to help, you don’t need to hire around the clock support staff.

Chatbots scale your communication and increase website conversions

You’re human, right? So you’ll know that you’re limited to how many calls you can take. And when you’re busy on the phone with one customer, you might miss another potential customer’s enquiry. Think of the sales you could be missing out on…

Chatbots scale business communication by helping you answer more queries than humanly possible. This means more of your customers get attended to with less manpower.

Got an ecommerce store? A chatbot can help answer visitor queries and give your customers the answers they need when they need them, increasing conversions on your site.

Not convinced yet? We got you. Why not check out some of the chatbots we created:

Where can I get a chatbot?

There are hundreds of chatbots available to you – Some paid, some free. Some are basic, while others are more customisable. But who do we think creates the best chatbot for 2021? Us, of course!

So what do we offer with our chatbot service?

  • A fully built chatbot system for your Facebook messenger page
  • The value of having chatbots a part of your business
  • Smart AI which can answer questions when keywords are mentioned
  • Maximising customer engagement
  • Monthly reporting with results

At Digital Marketing Tribe, we aim to get our clients’ businesses ahead of the curve. Our experienced team can create, install, and manage your tailor-made chatbot on Facebook messenger. So contact us here to get started!

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