By Published On: July 29th, 2020Categories: Chatbots

1 You don’t have a detailed strategy.

Chatbots like any other digital marketing tool need their own strategy or it will make customers leave. There are two things that your Chatbot will do it will make people attracted to your offer or make them leave.

The first step in creating the right strategy for your chatbot is to understand what goals you want to achieve with your Chatbot.

What is the end goal?

Create a strategy to interact with potential new clients?

Improve customer service?

Answer FAQ questions?

The strategy is the most important part of an effective Chatbot strategy. The majority of your time should be focused on this.

2. You are probably trying to make it do too much.

Another reason why your Chatbot is not working is that you are trying to do too much with it.

Less is more.

Think about a landing page if it tries to sell too many things it will sell none it’s the same with the Chatbot.

Make sure your Chatbot masters one thing first. Customer Care, Sales which ever area is more important.

Make the chatbot do one thing really well before growing it’s capabilities.

Areas of your business you can use a Chatbot:

· Marketing and promotion.

· Customer service

· Onboarding

3. Your chatbot is annoying!

Continuing on the topic of less is more chances are you’ve made too many steps in your Chatbot and it’s actually now starting to really annoy your customers.

Too much communication from your Chatbot is actually probably making it really annoying and it’s going to drive people away what’s really important when it comes to Chatbot marketing, is that despite it being a new instrument and a new tool treat it like you treat email marketing, it’s really important to not send too many messages to often or you will drive clients off.

They will mute notifications and potentially leave and unsubscribe so apart from losing audience, you can be banned from Facebook for using it too much as well so be cautious about your Chatbot been too annoying.

4. Don’t guess what your clients want

One of the biggest reasons why your Chatbot isn’t working is because you’ve probably try to guess what your clients want to hear from you when it comes to messenger communication take the guesswork out don’t assume anything and actually write an email or a survey asking customers what are the questions that are most important to them when deciding to work with your business.

Ask your sales team what are the most common questions of your customers are asking.

Exam personal messages sent by customers asking for more information.

Survey existing clients as previously mentioned as well and also learn from your competitor’s website by paying attention to what the client asks and what

answers they get that’s really important do not try and guess.

So a quick recap of the four main reasons why your Chatbot is not working

1 You don’t have a clear strategy

2. Trying to do too much with it.

3. Your chatbot is annoying

4. Don’t guess the conversations your customers want to have ask them!

If you need any help with your chatbot strategy our team offers a complimentary 1-hour session where we discuss your chatbot requirements and make the most of this amazing technology.

About the Author: Ivan Vantagiato

Co-Founder and Director of Digital Marketing Tribe, with over 10 years’ experience in customer relations and digital marketing. Ivan is a competitive individual, someone who strives to bring his clients the best possible outcomes in a results driven market.