Google Ads

Google Ads metrics and what they mean

Do you know how old Google Ads is? Go on, take a guess. Seven? Ten? No way. This September, Google Ads will be 23 years old. If it were a person, it would have a full-time job and its own YouTube channel.  Instead, Google Ads has become the biggest PPC marketing platform, with an advertising revenue of over $235 billion

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5 Google Ad hacks that’ll increase ROI

Trying to decide which marketing platforms to invest in can be really stressful. Like, really stressful. SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, content marketing - the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to know where you should spend your money.  Before we share our top 5 Google Ad hacks that’ll increase ROI, let’s talk about the importance of having a digital

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Google Ads mistakes in 2021 – and how to avoid them

‘Google Ads never work for us!’ It’s a cry we sadly hear all too often. Loads of businesses pour their hard-earned cash into the platform but never see any results. Why isn’t it working? And why should they carry on investing all this money into something that clearly isn’t for them? Because when set up, optimised and managed correctly, Google

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