As if Instagram wasn’t appealing enough, interaction and feedback with your audience has never been easier with Instagram stories.

The popular social media site is currently in the testing phase for some exciting new features and released an exciting new feature with their last update! that could soon be helping your business use the most of what Instagram has to offer.

So what are they?


1. Reposting from other Instagram Stories

This new feature would allow reposts of stories that a business is mentioned in. This would allow the repost to stay for 24 hours and allow for easy sourcing of user generated content as well as influencers of the brand. This can also make gaining exposure that much easier with brands and users you tag also able to share the content with their followers.

2. Screenshot Notifications

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram doesn’t currently alert users when their stories have been screenshotted. This potential update can be a huge step in not only knowing how much engagement your content is getting but knowing who potential leads are. Knowing what kind of content followers are interacting with can allow for the opportunity to tailor your content to your audience and find your niche. Just simply add a call to action on your story to alert followers of the content you wish them to save to their devices.

3. “Type” a text only stories format

Appearing alongside other options such as boomerang and Live at the bottom of the screen, “Type” would allow the user to pick a background colour and font then simply type out their caption. This has a similar design to the status update backgrounds seen on Facebook and shows the potential for design options. This feature would allow for quick and easy announcements of events, discounts and important information whilst adding to a brand’s personality.

4. Uploading Photos and Videos of any size and orientation

An update already confirmed to be coming in the next few weeks is the compatibility with any orientation or size of content. Since Instagram Stories already allows you to upload content taken from sources other than the app’s inbuilt camera, the lack of restriction in orientation of uploads that has been tested is an exciting upgrade. This would increase flexibility and consistency across distribution channels.  It’s not just going to cut the edges off either, as a frosted glass frame in a complimentary colour gradient of the image.

5. The addition of a Giphy library

This new feature came out with the new update on the 23 of January! Already seen on Insta’s parent company Facebook’s messaging and Live features, Giphy can add more of the brand’s personality and individuality to their stories. It is the next step up from their stickers feature with, a new collaboration between Giphy and Instagram creating an exclusive transparent gif keyboard. Although it isn’t as useful strategy wise in comparison to these other potential updates, it can make your content more attention grabbing.

So what do you think?

Are these new features something that you’re hoping Instagram will roll out to all users? Are the new Gifs and picture settings appealing to you? Either way Instagram Stories are defiantly something to keep a focus on this year with all the potential it holds to help expand your business’s reach.

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