3 Simple Instagram Mistakes & 3 Even Simpler Solutions

Starting out on Instagram isn’t easy. What do you post? What do you caption it? What the hell is a hashtag? It’s not uncommon for a new Instagram marketer to use strategies that not only stop their campaign from being effective but even damage their existing following. Luckily for you, these mistakes are as easy to avoid as they are to make and even luckier, we’ve got the solutions for you right here.

Mistake 1: Hashtag Overkill


It’s understandable why you would want to put a bunch of Instagram hashtags in your bio. Maybe it will bring people who look at that hashtag onto your profile. Maybe it will place your profile higher in search results. Maybe you just do it because it’s Instagram and you’re supposed to hashtag things, right?

Wrong, unfortunately. Using a popular Instagram hashtag in your bio does a better job at leading people who have already engaged with your profile away from your content than it does at bringing people in. It doesn’t better your chances of showing up in search results either, as Instagram search only scans the name and username fields of a profile.

It also looks slightly amateurish, and might even discourage seasoned Instagram users.

Fortunately, the fix is simple. Just avoid putting hashtags in your bio. While a single branded hashtag unique to your business is fine, anything other than that is probably a no-no.

Mistake 2: Content for the Sake of Content


Yes, it is important to post consistently. It’s even more important however, to post content that aligns with your overall Instagram strategy.

Instead of posting randomly and hoping for the best, use your Instagram insights to inform your content strategy, tailoring it to what your followers engage with the most.

Compare whether they better engaged with post or video, one topic or another, or the overall tone of the post. If you’re seeing a common theme (i.e. video content showing cars) in what people engage with, let that inform the content you create going forward (i.e. more video-form content featuring cars). Use a really successful post as an indicator of what your content should be looking like, and use a less-popular post as an indicator of the types of content you should avoid.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Engagement


Growing your following is great, but it’s important to remember to engage with your existing followers.

While each follower is a potential customer, some followers need a little more love before they can fully engage with your business.

Understand why your followers are following. Respond to as many comments as you humanly can. Respond to all your direct messages as soon as possible and go that extra effort to have a conversation with your followers. Instagram is a social media platform after all, and it’s easy to forget why people come on the platform in the first place.

If you’ve got no followers to talk to? Go get some. Leave comments, watch stories, send messages. The more you engage with people, the more they will want to keep up with you.

And there you have it. These mistakes are easy to make in your early days of Instagram marketing, but by simply being aware of these basic profile pitfalls, you and your business will be on the road to a more professional and effective Instagram marketing future.

Author: Jakob Mesidis

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