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Raise Your Business with Social Media Advertising

Advertising is a crucial element for increasing brand awareness and sales. Using social media platforms for advertising is cost effective and attracts fans directly to your social media content and showing your audience what your recent activities are.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising can increase engagement, clicks to a website and downloads. Social Media Advertisements are highly relevant to users based on their interactions with specific platforms.

We specialise in honing in on your ideal target markets, align with user demographics and therefore creating an increase in discussion and sales with a much lower cost than traditional ways of advertising.

Social Media Platforms are continuously growing. In fact, approximately 1 in 2 Australians use Facebook on a daily basis and 1 in 3 for Instagram. With the rates of growth being reached, every business today needs to take advantage of the opportunity social media advertising brings.

The Benefits Of Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Increased Brand Awareness

Our social media strategies are designed to increase your brand recognition and engage with a broad audience of customers.

Increased Inbound Traffic

With every social media profile you create for your business, you are inviting more and more people to discover you and view your content.

We Measure Everything!

One of the greatest things we love about Facebook Advertising is the insights that the platforms provide. Unlike other means of advertisement such as radio ads, where you are unable to see how much traffic you actually gained, social media advertising allows us to provide you analytics from your social media promotions in terms of engagement, clicks, views and shares.

Our Targeted Approach

Our tribe specialises in creating ads that directly reach out to your target audience, therefore increasing the number of conversations started and conclusively capturing a higher return on investment.

Create a voice for your brand with social media.

By using social media effectively, you are creating a voice for your company and therefore humanizing your company. Your audience will appreciate that when they interact with your social media accounts they are getting a personal response rather than something automated.

DMT = Cost-Effective

Social Media Advertising is perhaps the most cost-effective way to advertise. Our team treats your dollar like it was our own. Paid promotions on these platforms are extremely low in cost in comparison to other tactics. This allows for a larger return on investment.

Brands That Love Us



  • A comprehensive audit of all your digital assets such as website, social media & mobile apps
  • SEO & Keyword analysis
  • Strategic recommendations based on the study


  • Competitor website, social & search study
  • Competitor content & special initiatives study
  • Industry & competitor best practices
  • Recommendations on areas of improvement


  • Ideating & planning new product / service launches
  • Promoting existing products or services
  • Generating Online leads and Online Sales


  • Setting up annual marketing goals & objectives
  • Creating annual marketing & content plans
  • Planning & executing annual activity calendar
  • Periodic strategic meetings to align activities with goals

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