Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business

Social media marketing has gone from a new idea to an absolute must for all type business and marketers. With different and new media marketing platforms, social has most thoroughly turned traditional marketing on its head. Here are some tips for you to make the most of social media marketing, generating leads, building awareness of your brand and getting new members to sign up.

1. Share your daily workout

People love to see what they would they be doing once they decide to become a member of your gym or health club. Use your social media accounts to share this content.

Film daily the workouts you offer, make people see themselves joining that class. It`s even better if they can actually see real members, so they can identify themselves with a variety of people.

Stories on InstagramTik Tok and Snapchat are great tools for this type of content.

If your gym doesn`t run classes, make sure your share images of the great equipment you have and the environment.

2. Promote your audience

You have a good number of members that trusted you to help them to achieve their fitness goals.

So make them feel special!

When someone post on social media about their achievements at your gym, share it on your page, promote their stories and make them feel even more successful. People love to see others overcoming obstacles, winning challenges and fighting for their goals.

Your audience will love it, and members will be more likely to share their experience.

3. Run competitions

Running a social media contest can be a powerful way to generate leads (as well as increase brand awareness).

First of all, offer something specific for your audience that other business can`t offer, so people will value the competition. A month of free membership?

A week of training with your best personal trainer? A 3-months-meal-plan? Choose something worth that will make your audience give you a bit more of information about them in exchange.

Believe us, if they want to win the prize, they won`t mind registering their email or phone number, which will turn into leads to your business.

4. Promotions

A slimdown Facebook Promotion is perfect to people looking to get in shape for Summer. Promote 4 or 6-week challenges for weight loss ending near Christmas time, so people will think that they can make the most of it and then relax in the last week of the year, because they deserved it. Also, a new year is the perfect time to start a new lifestyle. Everybody is making resolutions to improve themselves as an individual, so use this moment on your favour. Promote a special offer.

There are three things that make this campaign work:

1 – It’s top of mind – The New Year.

2 – Has a start date and end date – Clear timeline for the individual to reach their goal.

3 – It’s cyclical – you can do the same promotion every year to attract more new members.

5. Give Tips

You need to show your audience that you know what you are talking about.

Weekly tips about how to improve their diet, how to use specific ingredients to cook healthy meals and also workouts that can be done out of the gym in the case they are travelling, are great ways to interact with your public.

6. Offer a one-week pass for new check-ins via Foursquare or Facebook

We are more connected to our phones than ever, so take advantage of it. Create an ad on Facebook to promote your offer and only show it on mobile phones. Every new person that is willing to check-in on Facebook or Foursquare will get a free week pass. This way more people will be aware of your business and you have a chance to sign up this person for a membership when the trial period is over. Make sure you also hit prospects that visited your website but didn’t convert by using Facebook retargeting.

7. Show your employees` personality

I am sure you have a great team working for you but maybe your audience doesn`t know much about them.

Share pictures and fun facts about your employees, make people find connection and feel comfortable to approach them.

8. Motivation Quotes

It’s is easy to motivate someone during a gym class, because they already made the move to be there.

But sometimes people lose motivation and that is when your members need you.

Seeing those words on their social media feed could be just the push they need to get out of bed and hit the gym.

Plus, people love to share this type of content, so you will get a boost in brand awareness and get some new followers.

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