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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are an excellent tool to help promote your business. What makes a strong campaign with Facebook Ads is the ability to specifically target your audience. Ranging from a person’s location, age, gender and even their interests. Successful ads target the right kinds of individuals. Setting a budget and deciding what the campaign objectives are become increasingly important to ensure a successful Facebook Ad.

  • We’ve successfully spent over 3 million dollars on thousands of Facebook Ads for our clients.

  • Unlike or competitors, we create and test up to 64 different ad variants from target groups and posting outlook.

  • Receive industry-leading, live reporting with results on how your ads have performed every month.

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Messenger Chatbots

If you don’t have time to respond to everyone queries, Chatbots can be an excellent solution to solving your overcrowded inbox. A Chatbot operates in Facebook messenger and can be used to send text, audio and video messages, files and book meetings on your behalf.

  • We have built over 100 Chatbots for clients since our inceptions

  • Many chat experts partner and certified agency partner

  • Detailed, industry-leading report with results displayed every month

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Google Advertising

Google Ads are used to promote your business. Unlike Facebook Ads, the strength of Google Ads comes at targeting users with higher commercial intent. These individuals are generally searching for something. There are three ways to use Google Ads for your benefit, these are; Display, Search and Shopping. Display targets the demographic and location based on the specific criteria selected by the business. Search targets potential customers using certain key words while on Google. Shopping displays ads based on products users are looking to purchase.

  • We’ve successfully spent over 3.5 million dollars on over thousands of Google Ads for our clientele.

  • We are continuously monitoring your ads performance and adjust them to help optimise the total output. Other agencies don’t look back.

  • Receive monthly industry-leading reporting with results of your ads performance

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is used to drive “organic” traffic to your website. But how can we achieve this? By making strategic changes to your website and the content posted, this will enable your business site to appear higher on the search engine results page (Google for example). The higher you appear, the more organic visitors you’ll generate to your webpage. We specialise in optimising your site by using these three elements; Website design, Content and Backlink Strategy

  • We are one of the few agencies in SA with over 10 years of SEO experience

  • Through a consultation, we’ll develop an SEO strategy in partnership with your business

  • Industry-leading reporting, showcasing your SEO results each month

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