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Why you need to learn the basics of Digital Marketing

Throughout my time in digital marketing I have seen a number of accounts that don’t make a lot of sense to me. Google Ads for example, I’ve seen several accounts that have been put together very poorly with little use of negative keywords and basic best practices. Inevitably when I ask clients why they worked with a certain person

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Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

In the digital age that we now live in, everyone’s engaging on their smartphones and laptops, browsing through social media and purchasing their favourite products online. Want a t-shirt? That’s online. Want a case of beer or a bottle of your favourite wine? That’s available online too! But, how do you go from having an online store to actually

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Four reasons why your Chatbot doesn’t attract clients and how to fix that.

1 You don’t have a detailed strategy. Chatbots like any other digital marketing tool need their own strategy or it will make customers leave. There are two things that your Chatbot will do it will make people attracted to your offer or make them leave. The first step in creating the right strategy for your chatbot is to understand

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9 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your E-Commerce Traffic

The market is in recession and with the current pandemic, many people are social distancing, with many people still under quarantine. With so many people stuck at home, the world of e-commerce has gained a large amount of traffic and products are flying off the shelf. In this article, I cover 9 solid tips that will help you engage

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Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business Social media marketing has gone from a new idea to an absolute must for all type business and marketers. With different and new media marketing platforms, social has most thoroughly turned traditional marketing on its head. Here are some tips for you to make the most of social media marketing, generating leads,

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Success with SMS Marketing

What Is SMS Marketing & Learn How It Works Consumer behaviour changes rapidly— today, mobile devices are becoming more personal than ever. People are spending more time texting than doing anything else on their phones. It’s expected that 49 million people will opt-in to company communications via text by 2020. So, what does this mean for you? We start

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Build An Effective Sales Pipeline

A majority of small businesses will have a selling method in place to close deals with one goal in mind “Make money”. To achieve this, businesses need to build a sales pipeline. It doesn’t matter whom you sell to, or the size of your business. Building a sales pipeline helps you better predict upcoming sales, and create rich opportunities

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What Is Podcast Hosting? Want to know what the best hosting site is for your podcast or what is podcast hosting? In this article, we will discuss 3 of the best hosting platforms for your podcast. Before we discuss what the best options are for hosting lets firstly take a brief look on what is podcast hosting. Put simply,

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Facebook Video Ads

Why using Facebook Video Ads? Simple because Facebook has 1.28 billion daily active users and in 2019 Facebook had more than 8 billion video views per day. In this post you’ll discover how to use Facebook Video Ads and why Facebook Video Ads is one of the most powerful social media advertising platform to show off your company or organisation brand. Facebook Video

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Why YouTube?  YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and is owned by Google the world’s largest search engine. Businesses should consider YouTube for one reason “search visibility”. If your not making content that ranks on the second largest search engine in the world, that’s a big missed opportunity. Today, more YouTube video content is popping up when people

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