A day in the life of a Copywriter - Copywriter in Adelaide

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A copywriter’s life seems simple: write some ads, maybe a blog or two and jobs done, right? 

Well, not quite. 

For example, there are many intricacies in copywriting ads for Google. It requires time and research to understand what the client is after and who they want to reach.

Like a writing blog, the copy itself needs to be exciting and engaging, while the blog needs to be SEO friendly to ensure it ranks on Google and other search engines.

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So, what does a day in a copywriter’s life look like? Read on to find out!

Chapter 1

6:30am - Arrival At Work

Our copywriter is the first to arrive at the Digital Marketing Tribe office on O’Connell Street at about 6:30am each morning. He’ll ensure everything is working from a technical standpoint and that the office is in pristine condition.
Chapter 2

7:00am - Daily Checks

Once the clock strikes 7, our copywriter gets his day underway.

The first thing he does is complete his daily checks; this is an extensive list of small to medium tasks to be completed by 9am.

This typically includes checking and responding to emails from the previous night, checking all our internal management systems and ensuring all tasks of the previous day have been completed.

As you may already gather, our copywriter has more responsibilities than another person in his type of role.

He ensures that tasks are completed for clients while being the main point of contact. Once these tasks have been completed, the rest of the Tribe starts to arrive at the office.

Chapter 3

9:00am - Team Meeting

On the stroke of 9, the team meets to discuss the essential tasks that need to be completed for the day. These huddles set the tone for the day ahead and allow our team to raise any issues or positive things that have happened during the week.
Chapter 4

9:30am - Writing Ads

One of the prominent roles of being a copywriter at Digital Marketing Tribe is writing ads for our clients. And, there is a lot that our copywriter goes through before even writing the ads themselves. Let’s see part of his process.

Previous ad research 

Whether it’s a first-time client or one that has been part of our business for a significant period, our copywriter goes through the same process. Firstly he will look at the previous ad copy used by the company. This helps him to understand the types of language used previously and how to get the most out of this for the ads being written.

Competitor ad research

To help our copywriter better understand our clients’ industry, he looks at what the competition is doing. This includes examining what language’s used, copy structure, and imagery. Once all the data is compiled, our copywriter then looks to see which types of ads could be effective for the client’s upcoming campaign.

Customer research

We’ve compiled our research from previous ads written and their competitors. Now it’s time to look into customer research. He looks at various elements such as the benefits of the products, what motivates one to purchase the product and much more.

Write ad copy

With all the research completed, it’s time to write the ads.

Chapter 5

12:00pm - Lunch

After close to five hours in the saddle, it’s lunchtime for our copywriter. He usually brings his lunch, a combination of sandwiches, pasta or leftovers from a delicious dinner the night before.

But on Friday, our copywriter tends to explore his options regarding lunch. Since moving to our O’Connell Street office, he tends to favour three possibilities. When seeking a bit of spice, he travels to Beyond India to indulge in a tasty curry and garlic naan. Oporto is our copywriter’s go-to fast food outlet. On a rare quiet day, he finds his way to Jarmer’s Kitchen.

Chapter 6

1:00pm - Titles & Meta Descriptions

Titles and meta descriptions are a vital part of one business’ SEO. They must be relatable, exciting and, more importantly, enticing enough for consumers to click the link.

So what does our copywriter do to create titles and meta descriptions? Here’s a sneak peek.

Our copywriter’s vital mechanism for writing titles and meta descriptions understands the page itself. He thoroughly reads through the page from top to bottom, and once he understands the main points of the page then, our copywriter starts to create titles and meta descriptions that are persuasive.

Chapter 7

2:30pm - Final Checks

Before the day comes to an end for our copywriter, he takes the final half an hour to tie up any loose ends. This may include checking clients' last emails, administrative work, going through our project management tools, and checking off the completed tasks for the day.

Once this is done, it’s time to set up for tomorrow before calling time on the day.
Chapter 8

3:00pm - Hometime

After an exhausting day in the office, our copywriter is off for the day. He can be found producing podcasts or, if the weather is nice, on the golf course.

Looking for a digital marketing specialist in Adelaide? We can help! Digital Marketing Tribe specialises in Google Ads and SEO for businesses seeking to get in front of their ideal customers. To find out more about our services, get in touch HERE.

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