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    What you’ll get from our Facebook Ads service:

    • Creation of up to 64 different ad variants

    • We will provide dynamic ad sets, all with your approval

    • Live reporting with ad performance results every month

    Why do you need Facebook Ads service?

    Facebook is more than just a social tool, it’s now the perfect social media application to advertise your business. With nearly 1.4 billion active users generating over 4 billion likes daily, over 17 million Facebook is the platform to be seen for business, but just being on Facebook isn’t enough.

    Few social media platforms offer businesses such flexibility and targeting tools as Facebook provides. You are immediately within the reach of the 17 million Australians, but you’re also given the freedom to narrow your audience to get the customers you desire to target.

    Our mission at Digital Marketing Tribe is to ensure that our clients businesses have the ability to target their desired audience. Facebook is a fantastic platform to advertise on with it’s high reach and potential customer lead. Our team can create ads, ad groups and campaigns tailored to what you desire in a Facebook ad. Don’t waste your digital marketing potential by being dormant, come chat to us today!

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    “Since working with Digital Marketing Tribe my business has increased by 400%”

    - Chiball,

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