Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

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In the digital age that we now live in, everyone’s engaging on their smartphones and laptops, browsing through social media and purchasing their favourite products online.

Want a t-shirt? That’s online. Want a case of beer or a bottle of your favourite wine? That’s available online too!

But, how do you go from having an online store to actually making sales? Well, that’s where SEO (Search engine optimisation) comes in! The power of SEO can get your wine store recognised and take your product offering sales from hundreds to thousands and potentially millions!

FACT: 50% of consumers use their smartphone to search up products and services online and 34% use their computers and laptops to search up the same.

Now, imagine millions of users online searching up product names, features and websites, potentially looking for the same stock you supply waiting to run past a website as amazing as yours selling those same products. Now, wouldn’t you want to be the first on their potential search list?

Chapter 1

What is SEO?

Potential Scenario: A customer, browsing for the best wine available in town, hops online, ready to spend a large sum of money on a bottle of wine to impress their date.  The customer’s first step is to search up on Google “Best Wine Adelaide” and click through the first 10 searches that pop up on Google.

There’s a great chance they’ll be buying from one of the few websites that are on the top of the list the first page of Google, similar to how one would be visiting the closest bottle shop rather than go travelling far away to get their favourite beer or wine.

So, SEO in a nutshell will help rank your website higher on Google as well as using great content and user experience, will allow users to click, surf and ultimately purchase your selection of wine offered on your amazing website.
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

3 types of SEO you need to nail;

On-page SEO: This involves everything that your website makes visible to its viewers such as the home page, products, descriptions, blogs, frequently asked questions, contact details, and more. These are all the basics that every visitor wants to see when they browse through your website.

Off- page SEO: This is anything that links to your website. Part of maximising your SEO is increasing the quality of your website. Search engines like Google rank your site on many factors, one of that being the quality of other websites that direct their viewers to your website. The more links that direct someone to your website, the higher it will rank on a search engine like Google! But remember, you only want quality websites linking your website in order to increase traffic.

Technical SEO: This would be all the tech stuff, in other words, the back end of your website. Tags and meta descriptions, essentially its all the content that is hiding in your code.

The combination in perfecting these 3 types of SEO’s will enhance your overall SEO strategy and website ranking, allowing users to search for content that matches your product offering, increasing traffic and sales on your website.

Chapter 2

Google My Business

Remember the last time you were on the road and went searching for the perfect Italian restaurant?  You probably typed in “Italian food near me” and received a list of the 3 best restaurants close by serving the perfect pasta, all listed underneath a map of the location you were in? Well, that’s where the importance of Google My business comes in.

Ensure you set up a Google My Business account and enter in all the right information for people to find your winery, this includes your company name, your phone number, and address ensuring it’s consistent with other online websites such as yelp, trip advisor as this will assist in ranking your website on Google even better.
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI
Chapter 3

Localise you SEO

Advertise, create and mould your strategy to an audience local to you.

People are going to want to visit your winery for tastings and perhaps even a tour, maybe they even want to support their local winery rather than order something from interstate or overseas. This is especially important when people are searching for “wineries near me”.
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Part of having a great SEO strategy involves ensuring your business appears on google my business with your address, hours of business and reviews. This all has to be local.

Additionally, keywords utilized on your website must also guide the user into knowing that they are engaging with a local winery so ensure using words like Adelaide and South Australia throughout your website.

Chapter 4

Click through rates (CTR)

A great click-through rate is key in driving overall traffic and sales on your website. Essentially, the click-through rate is the number of viewers who click on your website once spotting it on a search engine like Google.
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Gaining a good CTR can be accomplished through a higher number of reviews. Ensure the next time someone purchases that delicious full-bodied wine from your website, ask them to submit a review.

The higher number of positive reviews you receive, the stronger and more credible your online business will be!

If you do however receive any negative reviews, use them as a learning curve and tactfully deal with the unsatisfactory remarks through offering these customers a valuable solution such as a discount coupon followed with an apology. Don’t be scared of negative reviews, it’s part of the process and Google will not penalize your business for this.

Chapter 5

Snippets, Snippets, Snippets

In order to increase your CTR, snippet improvement is also vital.

Snippets are essentially the short sections of text that describe part of your website on Google. These are the texts that are there to guide your viewer about what your business is about and what services you have to offer, they essentially satisfy the searcher’s queries through a short and concise description.

Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Think of this as your selling point as this is what every potential customer sees before they click on your website as they include definitions, lists and key differentiation as to why someone should click on your website.

Keep this as a huge priority as a great well-developed snippet will assist in increasing your CTR without any google rankings.

We recommend using key descriptions like “full-bodied wine” and “sweet and crisp Riesling” with local terms like “Made in the heart of Adelaide’s Barossa”, as this will not encourage viewers to click on your website, but it will give them a quick snapshot about the company and the wines on offer.

Chapter 6

Always be contenting and engage, engage, and engage!

Providing customers with a full-bodied, crisp, and aromatic wine is only part of the convincing strategy for them to be drawn towards purchasing your wine
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Start with the engagement and communication process, letting potential tasters and wine lovers know why purchasing from your website and visiting your winery is an excellent idea.

Producing blogs, recommendations, images, and videos of the making process, the winery, wines, and pairing options is an excellent strategy to draw in loyal customers and visitors. We recommend doing so on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube will allow you to build a large following.

Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Email marketing is another strategy to advertise and inform loyal and new customers about what’s new, on sale as well as any promotions available for those signed up to the email list. Email marketing is an excellent strategy to inform leads.

Together, using a combination of both email marketing and social media marketing will allow loyal customers and potential leads in engaging with your content, learn more about your company and products as well be part of the building process, thereby making them feel confident about investing in your winery and all the products that you sell online.

Chapter 7

Keywords are everything!

You need to give your audience a way to find your website and search engines often require some level of assistance in communicating your content to its audience.
Increase recognition and traffic on to your winery website to maximise ROI

Selecting the right keywords can often make or break your level of communication with your audience, so the best keywords will help your winery target the right audience.

Keywords that are tailored specifically to your chosen industry will optimise your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines and best of all they won’t put a hole in your pocket as these are free to use option as part of your SEO strategy.

We recommend using product related names combined with the local area and industry when targeting the right audience, for example, “wine Adelaide” “best wines in South Australia” “wineries in SA”, etc.

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