By Published On: January 27th, 2021Categories: Facebook Ads

There are big changes afoot at Apple who are altering the way data tracking is permitted with the new iOS 14 update. 

This could have a significant impact on agencies who use Facebook for advertising, publishing, or app developing. In its simplest form, advertising on Facebook will be less effective.

 What we do know is that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the new update. Join us as we dive into Apple’s iOS 14 update and the effect it will have on digital marketing agencies.

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iOS 14 Update

The update to Apple’s operating system centres around privacy and data usage. Users will now have the power to see how each app uses their personal data.

 Developers are now required to provide details of their privacy policies, how they collect data and what purpose they intend to use it.

 This change alone is a positive one for users and one which should’ve been implemented earlier. However, the likely impact on Facebook advertising is the permission users on the service given.

 Apps will be required to ask for permission to track a user or gain access to their device’s advertising identifier. To gain permission, users will have to opt-in in comparison to the opt-out system apps like Facebook currently use.


The Response by Facebook

Facebook has gone on the offensive with the iOS 14 update as growing concerns that the impact will be harmful and detrimental to struggling small businesses.

 VP of Ads and Business Products Dan Levy foresees the changes as impactful in these ways:

  • Businesses turning to subscription-based servicing
  • Ads that are less efficient and less effective
  • Drop-in personalisation which could see a 50% drop in revenue
  • Businesses being unable to reach their target market due to limited growth
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The noise around the release of the iOS 14 update has been unavoidable, the effect it could potentially have on businesses advertising through Facebook could be massive.

A lot is still shrouded in speculation and we really don’t know what impact this update have on businesses.

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