New Performance Reporting Update in Google My Business

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Google My Business has launched new reporting update, see what they are and how to use them!

Google has officially released its new performance reports within Google My Business. These new reports have been in the works for a while, with an indication of additional metrics being hinted back in August. Google teased the masses at the end of 2020 and now they are finally available to access and use.

Chapter 1

How to Access

To find the new reporting, log into your Google My Business account and click “Insights”. You will see a message which reads “Your insights are moving”, click this.
Guide to Google My Business Newly Updated Reporting

New Performance Reporting Update in Google My Business

Then, click the “See new profile performance” and you should see a line graph and table of statistics.

New Performance Reporting Update in Google My Business


Chapter 2


The new metrics by Google showcase the number of calls and messages you receive in a 6-month timeframe. The data is produced to give a breakdown of each month. Below the graph is a table that displays what users type into the search engine to find your Google business listing.

The latest Insights report doesn’t include metrics like website clicks which is significant. It also doesn’t showcase whether searchers found you via Google Search, unlike the current Google Insights report offers.

Google has released a document explaining all of these changes. 
New Performance Reporting Update in Google My Business 2
Chapter 3

How does this help?

The new reports give you 6-months of data, a noteworthy upgrade from the 3-months of data we previously received. However, there are several key data points that currently don’t feature as part of the new reporting.

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New Performance Reporting Update in Google My Business 3

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