How to optimise your website for Christmas sales

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Christmas is easily the busiest shopping season of the year. For businesses, this means there are more opportunities for profit than at any other time. That’s why it’s a great idea to start planning your Christmas strategy early, so you’re as prepared as possible this holiday season.

Optimising your website for Christmas sales is essential. A few simple tweaks to your website are all you need to keep your customers converting long after the holidays are over. So here’s our handy guide on how to optimise your website for Christmas sales.

Chapter 1

Switch up the look

Don’t get us wrong – getting traffic to your site is important. But getting those visitors to stick around long enough to become buyers is essential.

A festive homepage is just one way to do that. Banners, graphics, fonts, and colours add to that Christmas spirit that gets people buying. And don’t be afraid to use these same graphic design elements in your social media. This helps to build consistency in your brand across different platforms.
Chapter 2

Get mobile

There is no better time than the holidays to get your website optimised for mobile. A website not optimised for mobile has a dual effect. It can

1. Limit your visibility in Google searches
2. Make your website simply too complicated to use for many visitors.

Speak to a web developer and make sure that your site remains just as responsive and straightforward to use on a phone as it is on a laptop. Optimising your website for as many devices as possible ensures a merry shopping experience for all.
Chapter 3

Don’t be afraid of a deal

Everybody loves a discount – everybody. It’s the great unifier. And with Christmas just around the corner, a discount or promotion is the perfect way to transform a casual visitor into a serious buyer.
How to optimise your website for Christmas sales 2

When creating a new promotion it’s important to consider several factors, such as:

  • Your products
  • Prices
  • Demographics
  • The buying behaviour of your existing customer.

Some of the most popular holiday promotions, such as buy-one-get-one-free, 50% off discount codes, and free shipping are particularly effective.

Chapter 4

It’s all in a name (and description)

Getting a visitor to click on a product is one thing. But if you want that visitor to click the all-important buy button, a great product name and description can convince someone to spend their hard-earned money. This should be done with the gift-giver in mind to be the most effective.
How to optimise your website for Christmas sales 1
Chapter 5

All the best things in life are free

People often say that the best things in life are free. Those people also shop. This is why one of the most effective ways to spice up your sales is to offer something for free to your customers. This is especially true in 2021 – a year that has been just a little bit less than easy for many people.

Always remember that the value of your free offer is subjective. While the products may only cost you a minuscule fee, the value for your customer can be extensive. Some of the best holiday-themed freebies include holiday or gift cards, ornaments or free gift wrapping.
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Chapter 6

Get a review or two

Either way you look at it, it’s true – customer reviews are helpful for businesses. They are a great way to gain insight into which products customers love and which they don’t.

Imagine one of your products constantly receives negative reviews. In that case, you might want to consider removing it from your site – or at least make some improvements. On the other hand, a great review can turn a site visitor into a shopper.
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Chapter 7

Content is King

One incredibly effective way to drive traffic to your website is through content. Holiday-themed content can bring in a horde of new visitors eager to make their Christmas shopping experience just that little bit simpler. So offer tips and advice relating to your field. Not only will visitors find this information valuable, but it will also make you look like an authority in your field. Remember to find ways to subtly promote your own products and services within your content.
How to optimise your website for Christmas sales 3

Be sure to share your blog posts on other platforms, such as Facebook or email newsletters. Not only will this save time, but it will also significantly improve consistency across all of your media.

And don’t forget to include holiday-related and buyer keywords in your blog posts. This will substantially increase your SEO and increase your chances of getting discovered in Google searches.

Chapter 8

Keep up the marketing after Christmas

It’s not over when the sleigh bells go quiet. Christmas creates a golden opportunity to turn your holiday shoppers into loyal customers. A post-holiday deal or new year’s sale is a great way to make the most out of your Christmas boom and keep up your sales during lower traffic periods.

With a bit of work and some creativity, you can make the most of the Christmas period, setting up your site for some serious spending. Just remember our little gems of advice, and you can make this holiday season the most profitable yet.
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