Social media such as Instagram and Facebook portray the fundamental quality of a photo to make your profile stand out than others. Here are the top 3 apps that you can use to nurture your photo.


To be honest, this is my favourite app of all time, it is not time-consuming which makes it an ideal app for me because I don’t like to spend a lot of time editing my photos. It’s available on IOS & Android, it’s free and it’s non-destructive. Snapseed offers top-notch professional level photo editing that is simple to use without compromising its purpose.

It comes with straight forward and easy to use features to help you modify your images; from standard options like adjusting the brightness, to the “Glamour Glow” and “Drama” tools which can help touch up your images.

One of my favourite tools is the “Perspective” tool, which enables you to rotate and tilt images if you’ve accidentally taken a crooked photo and don’t have the opportunity to go back and take another snap! The “Perspective” tool will even fill in the gaps for you – so there is no need time wasted trying to make the image look complete!

Sometimes it can be hard to get the perfect photo, there are unwanted objects that get in your way or signs ruin the effect you want to create. SnapSeed is ready to help! Simply select the “Healing” tool and prepare for the magic to happen.

Once you click the “healing” tool, simply draw over the object you want to erase to highlight it in red. Just like that – your final image will be just as you wanted.


It is no surprise to see an Adobe app on the list, when its desktop counterparts are so popular with professional photographers.

This app, which is available on ios and android, is suited to those who have a real passion for photography and require editing apps that helps them fulfill their passion for photography. This app provides advanced editing functionalities at the tips of your fingers. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC gives a lightweight adjustment of what you will discover on the desktop version, enabling you to really change standard versatile pictures into shocking works of photography.

This app comes stacked with options; from filters, so you can quickly change the look of the image, to features which enable more dedicated people to change small details in their photo.

In this example we’ve used the “colour” and “light” tools to reduce the sun exposure and bring out the shades of blue in the image.

As you can see, the final image has a completely different feel!

Now you can upload your images in your social media with a quality of a professional photographer.

Not only that, this app has its own built-in camera, with an ace mode that gives you power over the settings including; Shutter Speed, White Balance, and ISO. One of the features of the app, is that you can sign up for a monthly Adobe membership. This gives you access to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, which opens up a range of advantages, including the ability to access your media anywhere, anytime – so you can continue working on your project on another device.

This is a must-have app for those who take the art of photography very dearly. It is also ideal for those who want to learn more about photo editing through experimenting with software, as you will quickly pick up new skills to level up your photos in your social media feed.


The final app that got my attention is PicsArt which many people say is the best overall app for photo editing in 2018, why? Because it has extremely versatile and  ground-breaking photograph altering and collaging tools.

PicsArt is free for ios and android devices however there can be some in app charges for certain features.

PicsArt can seem a bit overwhelming at first because there are so many features, but quickly becomes instinctive to use with most of the tools available along the bottom of the screen. You can use the in-app-camera to take photos, or upload old ones and click on the purple plus icon to start editing.

The app has stacks of stickers and filters in addition to collages, drawing tools, and photoshop-style editing capabilities – making it truly a one-stop-shop for photo editing on mobiles!


Taking a good photo is the first step to having a great image for your post! While programs used by professional are undoubtedly good, they can be difficult to navigate at first and are expensive if only being used for fun. But with these 3 apps you can make your photos stand out on your social media feeds without being a pro, and since their all available on mobile you can use them anytime and anywhere.