SEO for Wineries: Just about everything you need to know about SEO for your winery

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It’s hard work keeping up with various digital marketing platforms. It’s even harder to know exactly where you need to invest your advertising budget, and which platform will give you the best return of investment. But never fear, dear winery owner. We’re here to help you! Digital Marketing Tribe specialises in SEO, SEM and helping local wineries gain more website and foot traffic through smart and effective SEO strategies. 

Know you need to be doing SEO but aren’t sure where to start? Start with a complimentary Audit with our SEO team. Otherwise, read on to discover everything you need to know about SEO for your winery. 

By the end of this blog you should have a clear understanding on:

  • What SEO is and how it can benefit your business
  • The difference between SEM and SEO
  • What keywords are and why they’re important for your website
  • The difference between technical, content and off-page SEO
  • Where you need to start in order to get your SEO in order. 
Chapter 1

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a digital marketing strategy using search engines to increase your ranking in Google. Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SEO is something you earn. While you may need to pay people for SEO services, SEO is not something you can pay Google for. You need to EARN your spot on the first page of Google.
What is SEO

So how do you earn your spot? You need to ‘play ball’ with Google, doing all the things they want you to do to earn your place. And what are the things they want you to do, you ask? Google wants technical, content and off-page SEO. And if you don’t know what these are yet, don’t panic. We’ll come back to these.

With a proper SEO strategy, your website will appear on the first page of Google when people search for your products or services – helping you get more traffic to your website and more people to your winery.

Chapter 2

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing (or Google Ads). Unlike SEO, SEM is something you pay for. But how much does SEM cost? Well, it depends on your industry and the keywords you choose to bid on. SEM works on a CPC* basis and constantly fluctuates. 
SEO for Wineries Just about everything you need to know about SEO for your winery

*Cost Per Click. Google Ads work on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis meaning you only pay when someone clicks the ad. The price of the click varies depending on the demand for the keyword associated with that particular campaign.

The average CPC for wineries is between $4 to $8 in summer and $3 to $4 in winter. Bearing in mind there are hundreds of various keywords that all have their own price tag.

Chapter 3

Do I need SEO or SEM?

For wineries looking to sell their wines online, we recommend SEM. If you’re just looking for more foot traffic, a solid SEO strategy is not only effective in getting you on the first page of Google but cost-effective too. Organic content is a great way to increase your online presence and showcase news, events and unique selling points about your winery and wines. 

Read Google Ads metrics and what they mean
Chapter 4

What are keywords and why are they important?

A keyword is an idea or topic that defines what your page content is about. The idea is to identify what keywords people are searching for in Google, and then create content surrounding that keyword. That way, your website comes up when someone searches for that keyword.

Without keywords on your page, your website will simply not appear in the search results – which is a wasted opportunity for you to win business.
Chapter 5

The difference between technical, content and off-page SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to anything that needs to be done to the back-end of your website. Things like a site map, robot text file, schema data, SEO titles and meta descriptions. Technical SEO is something that should be done by a professional. Drop us a line if you’d like a hand.
SEO for Wineries Just about everything you need to know about SEO for your winery

Content SEO

Content SEO is the words and images on your page. Your website copy should be strategically laced with keywords or key phrases that a potential visitor might be putting into Google. Words like:

SEO for Wineries Just about everything you need to know about SEO for your winery

  • Wineries near me
  • Best wineries in Adelaide
  • Best wineries to visit

You can also include product-specific keywords like, ‘buy Riesling’.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is anything that links back to your website. One of the factors that Google uses to decide whether you’ll appear on page one is how many other high-quality websites drive their visitors to your site using backlinks. This is why investing in wine review guides or directories is a good idea. Having a presence on a reputable website with high traffic that could drive people to your website is a highly effective strategy.

This is only a simple example of keywords you could incorporate into your website. However, we recommend a thorough SEO audit and strategy to make sure your keywords will give you the return you’re looking for.

Where you need to start in order to get your SEO in order

The first step is to get an audit on your website. An audit will help you determine your overall SEO health. It will reveal lurking issues, missed opportunities and keywords that are driving traffic to your website.Get in touch with us for an audit of your website – we’d love to help!

An SEO audit will give you a clear picture of what you need to focus on. Your SEO team can then guide you through what changes need to be made to your website and your content. They’ll also help you set goals, KPIs and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Are you looking for an SEO partner to not just increase your ranking, but to grow your business? Join our tribe! The Digital Marketing Tribe is a local agency that specialises in SEO and SEM. We’re invested in seeing your business succeed and seek to build long term relationships with clients who appreciate what we do. To find out more about our SEO services for wineries or to get an SEO audit.

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