A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist in Adelaide

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With terms like search engines, algorithms, and robot text files, SEO can really sound like an inhuman task. But the reality is that without a human driving an SEO strategy, SEO is useless (sorta)

SEO specialists do more than just “optimise websites for search engines”. They need to understand marketing, the sales funnel and human behaviour. They’re analytical and tech-savvy and have a solid understanding of the bigger picture. 

So, what does a day in the life of an SEO specialist look like? Read on to find out!

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Chapter 1

8 AM - Coffee first

Our SEO specialists roll into our favourite local bakery for a fresh brew of coffee at Bakery on O'Connell, then it’s off to our office to get set up for the day. 
Cup of hot drink on the table
Chapter 2

8:30 AM - Team huddle

Our daily team huddle takes place at 8:30 where we meet to discuss what we’re working on. Our huddles set the tone for the day and allow us to raise any issues or positive things that have happened that week. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist in Adelaide
Chapter 3

9:00 AM - Reporting

Our day kicks off with reporting. Our SEO dashboard gives us real-time data that helps us determine how our client’s SEO is performing.

We use tools like Google Analytics to see how much traffic our keywords are winning, how long people are spending on the site (or how quickly they’re leaving) and what pages and pieces of content are performing best. 

Our reports help us determine what is working and what needs to be changed. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 10
Chapter 4

11:00 AM - Keyword research

Text and keywords are the foundation of search engine optimization. SEO specialists spend a lot of time running keyword reports to see what search terms people are using in Google. Once we’ve run our report, we need to figure out which keywords are most appropriate for our clients. We can’t use every single keyword in the report. We need to distil the report into keywords that will drive the best results. 

The keywords and key phrases people use during their purchase journeys differ depending on what stage they’re at. Here’s an example. Let’s say you wanted to renovate your kitchen. You know you can afford to but you have NO idea what you’d like to do. So, you start searching in Google...
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist in Adelaide

Awareness phase

During the awareness phase, you might search for things like “kitchen renovation ideas” or “kitchen inspo” or “kitchen renovation inspiration”. At this stage, you are just trying to educate yourself on the options. 

Eventually, after about two weeks of pinning ideas to your Pinterest board or visiting multiple websites that you’ve bookmarked for later you’ve finally decided that you’d like an industrial style kitchen. These keywords or key phrases are broad and indicate that someone is still in the awareness phase.

Consideration phase 

Now that you know what style of kitchen you want, your searches become more specific. You’ll search for things like “industrial style kitchen ideas” or “how to create an industrial style kitchen.” The process continues. You pin more items to your Pinterest board and bookmark more websites for later. You might even call a kitchen renovation company to ask for their advice. Although slightly more specific than the awareness keyphrases, these are still pretty broad and indicate that someone is still educating themselves. 


Finally, after months of research, you know what you want and you’re ready to find a builder. You search for “kitchen builder Adelaide” or “kitchen renovations Adelaide”. These key phrases indicate that someone has intent. A need ready to be fulfilled!

Mapping out these keywords and key phrases is an important part of our job. 

Chapter 5

1:00 PM - Optimisation time

An SEO specialist’s job is more than just finding keywords and plugging them into a website. They also need to optimise/fine-tune existing keywords, removing keywords that are not performing. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 4

Part of the optimisation process is optimising the website’s structure and on-page content. A poorly designed website impacts your SEO score as does poorly written content. Low word count also affects your SEO score. 

Part of our job is identifying how the website and its content can be optimised to win more traffic. 

Digital Marketing Tribe is partnered with some of Adelaide’s most talented content creators. Futuro Avenue creates beautiful video content that will engage your website visitors and keep them on your website for longer. NINKI Content Marketing do all things content! Web copy, social media content, blogs, email content – if it’s words you need, these girls have them!

Chapter 6

1:30 PM - Lunchtime 

We are so stoked to be in North Adelaide. The area has some of the city’s BEST restaurants. If we’re feeling adventurous and extra hungry we go to Marrakech, an amazing Moroccan restaurant on 91 O'Connell Street. If we’re feeling extra fancy we head to Piccoli Piatti.
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 5
Chapter 7

2:00 PM - Link building 

Backlinking is a super important part of SEO. Google favours websites that have hyperlinks that link to high-quality websites. Having links to high-quality websites on your website and getting websites to hyperlink YOUR website on THEIR website helps you build authority. 

A big portion of our day goes towards link building strategies for each client account. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 6
Chapter 8

3:30 PM - Off-page SEO recommendations

Off-page SEO are activities that occur outside of your website that might affect your Google ranking. This includes link building (see above), social media content or guest blogging. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 7
Chapter 9

4:00 PM  - Admin

Our day always ends wrapping up loose ends. Emails, admin, systems and processes are all checked and set for work the next day. 
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 8
Chapter 10

5:00 PM - Knock off drinks!

If we’re not too exhausted from all the SEO work we’ve completed that day, we head to the Royal Oak for a beer!
A day in the life of an SEO specialist - SEO specialist adelaide 9

Looking for an SEO specialist in Adelaide? We can help! Digital Marketing Tribe specialises in SEO for brands who are looking to take their SEO to the next level. To find out more about our services, get in touch HERE.

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