Top SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2024

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WordPress content management system (CMS) remains consistently popular due to the amazing opportunities for customisation and optimisation for different platforms (including mobiles) that it provides.

WordPress is also exceptionally easy to integrate with plugins, allowing you to perform SEO tasks that used to take multiple hours in just a few clicks.

Due to the huge popularity of WordPress, so many SEO plugins have been developed for this CMS that it can be hard to figure out which ones are truly the essential ones to use for your website. At the same time, using too many plugins at once can slow your website considerably – which you simply cannot afford in 2024 when the loading speed has become one of the important SEO ranking factors.

To help you navigate the multitude of WordPress SEO plugins, below, we list some of the top ones that we believe will remain highly relevant in 2024.

Chapter 1

Top all-round SEO plugins for WordPress

These are the plugins that take care of pretty much all aspects of your SEO. They are great for beginners - but are also widely used by expert SEO professionals as their go-to tools to which other plugins may be added as needed.


This WordPress plugin remains consistently popular mainly because, by now, it’s so very well established and reliable – and works remarkably well. 

Both Yoast’s free and paid versions are packed with useful features.

One of the most popular functions Yoast offers is the ability to easily customise titles, headings and descriptions of your website’s pages. It also allows you to make your website easier to crawl by creating a one-click sitemap and by implementing a schema.

The premium version of Yoast has such useful additional features as providing internal linking suggestions and identifying content opportunities based on your most frequently used keywords to ensure their optimal coverage.

The paid version also allows you to redirect your website’s old URLs to new pages without hurting your rankings. Support for local SEO, video SEO, Woocommerce, and news is also available.

All in One SEO Pack

Another trusted and established SEO plugin for WordPress,  All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) is also available in both free and paid versions.

Being the original SEO plugin for WordPress, AIOSEO covers all the basics extremely well. It comes with a range of pre-set options that are great for beginner SEOs – while more experienced users can adjust the settings as required.

Other essential features are similar to Yoast’s and include customising titles, headings and meta descriptions that can be used for snippets; setting up redirects to new pages that allow you to avoid 404s, and automatically generating a sitemap of your website.

Importantly, other plugins and themes can be easily used with the All in One SEO Pack as it comes with its own API.

Overall, this is a solid and established tool that allows you to keep your WordPress SEO uncomplicated if it is how you prefer it – or to customise and extend it by adding other tools that can easily integrate with it. This versatility ensures the ongoing popularity of the All in One SEO Pack well into 2024.

Chapter 2

Top technical and content-focused SEO plugins for WordPress

Not everyone needs a comprehensive SEO pack. If you are after lightweight tools that will take care of a particular aspect of your SEO, the WordPress plugins listed below are excellent - and free.

Google XML Sitemaps 

If you need a WordPress plugin for the specific purpose of getting your website properly indexed by search engines, you’ll find that Google XML Sitemaps is just right for the job. 

Not only are you able to use this plugin to automatically generate a sitemap that lets crawlers easily access all parts of your website, but you can also save your preferred settings so they can be re-applied when you update your site with new content.

While Google XML Sitemaps is not as feature-rich as some other SEO plugins, it is an excellent free tool for generating complete XML sitemaps. (Please note that Yoast SEO Plugin also has a feature with the same functionality – so you don’t need Google XML Sitemaps if you are using Yoast already.)


WP Touch Mobile Plugin

Unlike some of the tried and true SEO plugins mentioned earlier, WP Touch Mobile Plugin is one of the tools gaining increasing relevance in 2024.

This plugin’s purpose is quite straightforward – it ensures that your website is mobile friendly. And, with more people using a mobile device to browse, having a mobile-friendly website is a must – not only for providing top user experience but also for your rankings with search engines.

WP Touch Mobile Plugin automates the process of adding a mobile theme to your website – then you can further customise the automatically generated mobile version using the administration panel.


Squirrly SEO Plugin

Content optimisation is no easy task – but this free SEO WordPress plugin makes it considerably easier. 

Squirrly SEO generates recommendations that help you optimise your content as you write it – which makes it great for beginners. Squirrly also carries out competitor analysis and then generates suggestions on what improvements you can make to outrank similar pages based on your chosen keyword.

In addition to that, this plugin provides such important metrics as your audience engagement, offering actionable advice on how to improve your click-through rates.

Importantly, Squirrly SEO will transfer all your pre-existing settings if you are switching from another SEO plugin. It also offers a variety of technical features such as schema markup, “noindex” options and crawling customisation, Google Analytics integration, and more.

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