Digital Marketing Tribe moves to Sydney

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And we are super excited to announce this long-anticipated move!

Sydney’s increasingly digitised environment and vast economic potential offer incredible opportunities for local businesses to grow into national and global leaders.

Featured among the top ten of the world’s wealthiest cities, Sydney is undoubtedly Australia’s main economic and financial centre. With over 600,000 businesses operating in Greater Sydney in 2022, the city also plays a key role in Asia Pacific as an international hub of economic activity.

We at Digital Marketing Tribe are excited to bring our skills and experience closer to our Sydney client base to continue helping them supercharge their digital growth.
Chapter 1

DMT: helping you grow your online presence and customer base

Whether you are an established business or just starting out on your journey, today a strong online presence is a must for sustained growth in every industry.
Person holding megaphone acting as metaphor to someone growing their digital presence.

We are excited about bringing our experience and expertise in establishing and maintaining an effective online presence through websites, social media, and other digital platforms to our Sydney clients.

With so many digital channels available for promoting your business, you need a sound digital strategy that allows your business to reach your target audiences by utilising the optimal combination of SEO, social media marketing, and paid search and advertisement.

So, how exactly can Digital Marketing Tribe help you grow your online business?

Chapter 2

Free SEO Audit

The first step on your journey to expanding your digital presence is taking a comprehensive audit of your current situation in order to decide what works and what doesn’t.
SEO Audit

We offer a no-obligation, completely free, comprehensive SEO audit of your website that will pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from ranking on page one of Google. 

The results will be presented to you during our audit consultation, where we’ll walk you through the audit findings, highlighting the areas of opportunity that we discovered.

Chapter 3

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The SEO services we offer focus not just on helping you rank on page one of Google - but, more importantly, on converting your website traffic into your loyal client base.
A cartoon representation of what is involved in Search Engine Optimisation

To achieve this, first we need to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, so we take our time to learn about different aspects of it, from your industry to your customers and competitors. This knowledge, combined with the results of our SEO audit, allows us to formulate your comprehensive SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals – and helps you achieve your business objectives, from improved brand awareness to increased business revenue.

Once we agree on your SEO strategy – both onsite and offsite – we are ready to start working together to implement it. It is important to understand that achieving great SEO results takes both hard work and time, and you should be committed to working with us to achieve them.

During the implementation stage, we report to you monthly, tracking your website’s performance against the pre-set KPIs, measuring your progress toward your goals and adjusting your strategy as needed.

Chapter 4

Google Ads

While building up organic SEO traffic through higher Google rankings requires time and commitment, Google Ads are an excellent way to immediately start bringing high quality leads to your website.
A cartoon representation of Google ads

Google Ads – the advertising platform developed by Google, formerly known as Google AdWords – remains one of the most widely used and effective methods for businesses to reach their target audiences through paid online advertising.

We have extensive experience in using Google Ads as a cost-efficient way to reach our clients’ target audiences through Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), websites within the Google Display Network, YouTube, and other Google-owned properties. 

Often, our clients need a unique ad strategy developed to attract a highly specific audience, so our digital strategists work with them to develop the best possible combination of ad copy and creative to achieve their objectives.

At DMT, we work with clients at all stages of their business journey. Even if you are just starting out and haven’t formulated your business goals and marketing objectives yet, we are happy to guide you through this important process.

Once your objectives are set,  our Google Ads specialists develop a strategy that aligns with both your business goals and intended budget. Then, after careful testing to see what works best for your business, we launch your Google Ads campaign. After your campaign is launched, we carefully monitor and adjust it, providing you with easy-to-read monthly reports measuring performance against your KPIs.

Many of our clients find this advertising method much more cost-efficient and effective than traditional ones. We can’t wait to help you explore how the business can benefit from Google Ads.

Ready to supercharge your digital growth?

Sydney’s dynamic and competitive business environment requires a strong digital presence and effective marketing strategies. We at Digital Marketing Tribe are ready to help you navigate this challenging landscape, reach your target audiences, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Contact us today for your free SEO audit.

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