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Social media and SEO are often viewed separately - however, for optimal results, it makes perfect sense to combine the strengths of social media platforms and organic search. In fact, well thought out and implemented social media strategies can work really well to amplify your SEO efforts.

Below we provide a quick guide to boosting your SEO rankings through smart social media strategies.
Chapter 1

What’s the difference between Social Media and SEO?

Traditionally, social media platforms have been used to create and expand your brand’s presence by connecting and engaging with your audiences.

At the same time, SEO efforts have always been directed at improving your site’s position in organic search results, so that more people can locate it when using search queries (keywords and keyphrases) you’ve been targeting.

So, social media and SEO-driven traffic from search engines used to happen side by side rather than truly complement each other. But, as both search engines and social media platforms have become more sophisticated over the years, there are now proven strategies that can be used to leverage your social media following to boost your SEO efforts.

Here are some of the strategies that are easy to implement - and proven to boost your SEO.
Two apples showcasing the differences between SEO and Social Media
Chapter 2

Expand your keyword strategy into social media

When you develop and implement your keyword strategy, it pays off to think about wording your social media content in a way that compliments your SEO strategy.
Keyword strategy for SEO

You don’t need to cram your keywords into every Facebook or Instagram post you upload. But, by just being mindful about using the right keywords and key phrases whenever you see an opportunity to do so, you can really amplify your SEO efforts – and increase the reach of your social media content.

Chapter 3

Incorporate links to your website into your social media content

Never miss an opportunity to include links to relevant content published on your website into your videos or presentations that you share on such platforms as LinkedIn or YouTube.
Link building

The benefits of this approach go beyond just increasing traffic to your website when someone clicks on the link. You are also increasing the chances of your link being included in any blog or social media post someone else writes based on your video or presentation.

Also, while any links you include in your social media messages are traditionally no-follow links that cannot pass any authority to your site, you should remember that the links contained in the bio section of a social media account are the proper, ”follow” links that can benefit your SEO.

In general, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to take full advantage of including links in your social media profiles and content.

Chapter 4

Audit your social media profiles to ensure they are optimised

Rather than treating your social media profiles as totally separate from your website, you should think of them as extensions of your website for SEO purposes. As your profile usually covers the same topic that your website does (or a subtopic of it), it makes perfect sense that you should optimise your profile for the same keywords as your website.
Optimising social media profile
Chapter 5

Make sure to include social media sharing buttons on your site

This one seems obvious - but somehow still gets overlooked.
Social media and the power of sharing your work

You should always ensure that all content you publish on your website has social sharing buttons. Of course, this will encourage visitors to your site to share your content more widely – but, in terms of SEO, what is even more important is that Google (and other search engines) are now starting to use social media sharing data as one of your SEO ranking factors.

Chapter 6

Increase positive engagement and build strong relationships with your social media audiences

Your social media engagement strategy should be focussed on widening your reach by both increasing your following and building lasting relationships with your audience by responding to comments, conducting opinion polls, holding giveaway events, and similar initiatives.
The power of increasing engagement and building strong relationships

You should also pay special attention to your use of tags. Maximise your reach by always using specific, targeted hashtags when describing your product or event. You can also tag influencers to increase the chances of them promoting your original content by sharing it.

Also, sharing your best, timeless content through social media is an excellent way to increase its lifespan and reach. Today, there are plenty of analytical tools provided by social media platforms and third parties. This can help you determine what type of content resonates with your audiences and can be successfully recycled and recirculated.

All these activities open up new opportunities for link sharing and guest blog posts – allowing you to amplify your SEO efforts by increasing the number of inbound links to your website.

Chapter 7

Take good care of your content creator’s profiles

For a few years now, search engines have been paying close attention to creator credibility.
Content creator on their computer

You can enhance the credibility of the creators behind your website’s content by always making sure that articles and blogs you publish always include author bios linked to their social media profiles. Then you can tag your creators with any new pieces of content they produce.

Positive online mentions also have great potential to boost your site’s credibility with Google. To achieve a consistent flow of positive mentions, your brand needs to be present and highly visible on social media. This can be achieved by regularly posting engaging content and staying connected with your audiences.

Need further Social Media SEO advice?

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