Transform Orthodontic Care

Faced with the challenges of the Covid pandemic, building brand awareness and increasing conversions. Transform Orthodontic Care has seen drastic improvements through Google Ads and SEO.


At the beginning of the pandemic, Transform Orthodontic Care (TOC) identified the need to increase their brand awareness and conversions via digital marketing. Although only opening business in 2019, TOC has fast made a name for themselves within Adelaide’s orthodontic industry as one of Adelaide’s leading orthodontic practices. This is due to their Specialist Orthodontist – Dr De Angelis – being one of the most experienced Orthodontists in Adelaide with over 20 years of experience and also due to TOC having a strong brand presence within the market. However, the Covid pandemic highlighted the need for TOC to increase conversions through digital platforms. TOC approached Digital Marketing Tribe to help them drive more website traffic and conversions and be recognised as “Adelaide’s Leading Orthodontic Practice” through Google Ads & SEO.

Our Approach

As with all our projects, we started the process with a full audit of the client’s website. We identified areas of improvement to increase enquiries, in which our SEO experts made technical changes to make the website more detectable on search engines. As well as incorporating a well thought out content strategy to increase traffic. We then moved into in-depth ad and keyword research. Our experienced and highly skilled Google Ad experts then tested and created high converting ads in collaboration with the client’s marketing team.


Google Ads
The first initial Google Ads campaign yielded respectable results. However, as the campaign progressed, the team optimised aspects of the Google ad account such as keywords, ad copy and targeting options. Through hours of meticulously optimising the campaigns over a four-month period, the campaigns achieved a total of 403 conversions at $22.03 Cost Per Conversion. 97,719 Impressions, 3,061 clicks at $2.90 cost per click. 2,324 new visitors which made 27.75% up of the total new visitors.

Within six months TOC’s organic website traffic increased by 178%. The number of keywords they ranked for that were in the top 100 increased by 206%. Total conversions achieved were 885 with a 6.20% conversion rate.

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic keywords in the top 100 positions
Google ads cost per conversion
Google ads impressions with 403 conversions

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