Women’s And Childen’s Hospital Foundation

As one of the most recognisable foundations in South Australia, the Women’s And Childen’s Foundation use Ads and SEO to help drive donations for the hospital and their yearly lotteries.


The Women’s and Children’s Foundation were looking for a unique and engaging way to attract more leads. Their marketing team wanted a thoughtful, considerate and interactive strategy to do this. They created art packs that kids could play with during their visit which was promoted using a campaign run by the Digital Marketing Tribe.

Our Approach

Working closely with the WCF’s team and within their budget, our Ad strategists developed a unique strategy using third-party data sources. Through hours of testing, the team determined the best combination of ad copy and creative to yield the best possible result.


The highly targeted campaign, in conjunction with the well-crafted ad copy and creative, drove down the CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition). Exceeding expectations, the campaign gave away all 10,000 art packs within 8 weeks. The campaign worked so well that they decided to order and give away more art packs as a means to connect with potential donors.

Donations resulting from the campagin
New visitors to the website
Cost per lead
Leads generated

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Case study

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